Welcome to our Family! This page is dedicated to our amazing family and friends who have helped shape our farm and enjoyed our passion for tractors and horses.

Wayne Holcomb passed away in June of 2011 from ALS.
His legacy and love for the land will be carried forward through our family
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The Holcomb Ladies
Kelly, Joan and Martha
The Holcomb Men
Wayne, Gerald and Brady



Tractor show up in Gray, TN 2014
Joan and Gerald on the farm

It's not all play on the farm....sometimes work gets in the way!

Clearing Dirt Snow
Clearing off the new land
Brady backfilling new culvert
Grading snow off of driveway

We wouldn't be Holly Brook Farm without these three awesome guys!!

Clearing Dirt show
Mark Cheek and Gerald at a tractor pull
Joe Reese and Gerald at Lake Waccamaw
Robbie Williams and his #1 right hand man, Brad

To my dear family and friends who share the passion of horses - thank you for all your help and in creating lasting memories full of laughter and love.

Clearing Dirt show
Lyndsay Bradford and Izzy
Lyndsay on board "Izzy
Lyndsay Bradford and Katelyn Strong at the AWS inspection


Arleen Hensley with Fritz at the AWS inspection
DeeDee Killilea at the 2004 Nationals with Fancy Chocolate Kiss

Heather Hines and Symmetry