A Reiki Session
Reiki is not a substitute for Veterinary care or assistance but is a complementary therapy to be used in
conjunction with Western Medicine.

When performing a Reiki treatment, it is always best to conduct the healing session in surroundings where horses are comfortable and feel safe. Below are some suggestions regarding an ideal setting for treatment:

*The horse has been fed recently or the intended session is not during feeding time
*The horse is in a small enclosure such as a stall or paddock to enable movement
*Exercise/Training is completed for the day
*Preferably in a quiet spot away from busy activity

To begin a treatment I always ask permission of the horse as it is up to each individual horse if they wish to receive a treatment. Like humans, sometimes horses are just having a “bad day” and want to be left alone. Upon receiving permission I start a session a short distance away from the horse to acclimate them to the sensation of the energy going into them. This gives the horse the option to move closer and allow me to place my hands on them. Some horses may move their bodies underneath my hands to show me where they wish to be healed. Once a horse has become used to the feeling of a Reiki session, I can begin a session with my hands placed upon them.

How long does a Reiki treatment last?

Usually a session lasts between 30 – 45 minutes, although each horse is unique with different levels of acceptance and healing. The horse will give a visible sign to show that it has received enough energy and wishes to end the treatment. Please note that after a Reiki session the horse will appreciate just being left alone for a time and will need access to water in order to flush out toxins that might have been released during the treatment.

How often does my horse need a treatment?

For best results, your horse should receive a treatment a day for four consecutive days and then a maintenance treatment weekly or every other week until recovery, acceptable level of improvement or positive changes in behavior. For equine athletes in training or heavy competition, a weekly or bi-weekly regiment is highly recommended.

What does my horse feel?

My stallion describes the feeling as a “tingling.” Other horses may feel a pulsing vibration or a mild heat sensation underneath my hands.

When do I see results?

Many horses may see a marked improvement or change within 24 – 48 hours. You may notice that a physical injury or illness heals more rapidly than expected or predicted, or that an animal’s emotional or behavioral issue is reduced or resolved more quickly than anticipated. Deeper emotions or long-standing injuries/illnesses may take several treatments before the horse exhibits noticeable improvement.