About Martha

Martha Holcomb
Reiki Master/Practioner
Certified Veterinary Technician
Member ICRT

Martha’s life has always revolved around horses since the age of three when she was put on her cousin’s horse, and she was hooked for life! When she was nine years old, her father bought her a horse for Christmas and ever since that day Martha and horses have been inseparable companions.

When Martha turned 19 she trained her first show horse and won many year- end awards and remained undefeated in numerous classes. In 2000 she trained horses professionally and received multiple World and National titles along with numerous Top Ten’s. She credits her success to her love of the horse as an animal, not as a possession or a creature to be taken advantage of.

Because of the debilitating injury and death of her beloved stallion, The Coolest Skip, she realized that there was a much deeper level of care and understanding for her equine companions. Through Heidi Wright, Animal Communicator, Martha learned about the healing energy of Reiki and in March 2010 she attended Reiki classes I and II so that she could begin helping to heal other horses.

Not being content with this level of expertise, Martha became a Reiki Master Practitioner in January 2011 and began devoting her life to the practice of helping heal the horses she loves so deeply. Horses, being intuitive creatures by nature, respond well to Reiki and enjoy their treatments and the well-being it brings them.

Though horses were Martha’s initial reason for learning this ancient practice of Reiki, she also works on small animals as well and is happy to treat dogs and other pets who need her services. Additionally she has not forgotten humankind and offers Reiki treatments for people, too. Please refer to her Services and Fee’s page for a complete list of Reiki services Martha has to offer.

"The energy I received, during your sessions on my behalf, have been nothing but short of miraculous!!! I seldom recommend others to therapies, physicians, etc.. as I realize the healing can take on many different forms for others based on their own life journey/experiences and necessary growth. However, your therapy for and with me...has had such a positive result...I would be happy for you to share the sessions, results, and my personal experience with anyone who might choose to share it with...verbal, written or otherwise!"
Connie S.

First let me start by saying Thank you Martha for your unique ability to identify with animals. If it wasn't for your gift of Reiki I don't know if my dog, Santino, would be here with me today....Keep on healing. Your focus and intuity shows your genuine interest in helping to heal. We are so very thankful and grateful to have you in our lives.
Lisa-Ann, and her boys in blue, Santino and Romeo.